Hey there.

So this will be a brief one in terms of a blog post, mainly because I’ve created a lab, together with a colleague, on GitHub to tackle two of the biggest buzzwords and topics in the app development and IT Ops world of today: DevOps and Containers.

These are two concepts that some developers and operations teams live and breathe, but in working with a lot of enterprises in my day job, I actually find that a lot of teams know in general what they are, but haven’t yet made steps to adopt them.

It’s because of this that we’ve put together a simple step-by-step lab to help demystify some terms like: containers, Kubernetes, DevOps, VSTS… and put them into practice by creating a real-world website deployment on Azure utilising DevOps tooling and container orchestration. Don’t worry if that sounds like a mouthful, we’ve targeted the lab at people who are coming at this without any prior experience, so if you’re new to this it should serve as a good starting point to then explore these practices in more depth after completing it.

Please check out the lab on my GitHub here: https://github.com/jjgriff93/DevOps-and-Containers – then let me know what you think in the comments. And if you have any improvements you’d like to suggest, please do flag them on GitHub and I’ll make sure they’re implemented.

Thanks & hope you find it useful!

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